Here at Patrick Reclaim we have been in the building reclamation industry for over twenty years!

During this time our team have accrued a wealth of knowledge about the industry we are in, materials we stock and how to make every project just that little bit more personal.

Not only are reclaimed materials the Eco-Friendly of going about your project, it’s also the most Wallet-Friendly!

We stock a MASSIVE range of masonry products from:

  • Commercial and Rare Brickwork
  • Roof tiles of All Descriptions (Concrete, Clay., Pantile Etc.)
  • Pamments
  • Stone and Tile Flooring
  • Flag stones

And so, so much more.

Roofing Roofing Roofing
Brickwork Brickwork
Masonry reclaim items Masonry reclaim items Masonry reclaim items

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